History of the Abarth brand

Cisitalia-Abarth 204 A

Even at the age of 11 Carlo Abarth was already a legend in the making; covering the wooden wheels of his scooter with a leather belt so that he could go faster and win against the older children in his neighbourhood.

Performance, speed and motoring was ingrained in Carlo's DNA, unable to resist the temptations of a challange, whether on two of four wheels.

In the saddle of a motorbike and side-car, Carlo Abarth challenged and beat the Orient Express train, travelling over 850 miles from Vienna to Ostend.

After a career racing motorcycles and cars, Carlo Abarth founded Abarth & C with Guido Scagliarini in 1949. The first vehicle produced was the 204 A Roadster, based on the FIAT 1100. It immediately won the 1100 Sport Championship as well as Formula 2. Alongside racing, the company started to produce tuning kits that improved performance, power and speed of standard vehicles.

In just a few years, Abarth & C. had 375 employees and production of around 300,000 exhaust systems a year.

Called to replace a driver who was taken ill, Carlo Abarth achieved the fastest time in the first practice session. The other drivers accused him of having tampered with the vehicle and to prove otherwise, he changed vehicle. In the second practice, he achieved pole position yet again with an even faster time.


Abarth vehicles were renowned for being high-performing and powerful, but first and foremost small and agile just like the Scorpion.

His performance modified cars achieved success in every competition and with Carlo Abarth at the wheel, took many records.

In the 1950s and throughout the 1960s, the Abarth brand continuously and incessantly made a name for itself in the public mind as the synonym for sport, tuning and performance, changing the sports car world.


At the age of 57, Carlo Abarth achieves an acceleration record at the wheel of his Class G Fiat Abarth “1000 monoposto record” and the next day achieves the same record in a Class E single-seater. He lost 30 kg by following a diet of apples so he could climb into the cockpit.


La marca Abarth sigue conservando el ADN que la caracteriza, y es aún hoy sinónimo de rendimiento, gran placer de conducción y sello deportivo.

The Abarth brand still maintains its unique DNA, and is a synonym of performance, great driving pleasure and sporty appeal.

The story of the Scorpio continues, facing new challenges, creating unique vehicles and giving great emotion to whoever has the honour of driving these vehicles.


1 - Abarth 205 Vignale Berlinetta

Abarth 205 Vignale Berlinetta

© Wouter Melissen

Direct descendant of the historical Cisitalia, on which it was originally based, the Abarth 205 Vignale Berlinetta is considered by … Read more “



This exclusive coupé, designed by Giovanni Michelotti, was presented at the 1953 Turin Motor Show under the name Abarth 1100 Sport Ghia Coupe.

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3 - Abarth 209A Boano Coupe

The Abarth 209A Boano Coupe is a car model produced by the Italian company Abarth. Only one copy of the car has been … Read more “

4 - Fiat Abarth 750

The Fiat-Abarth 750 is a series of compact sports cars manufactured by the Italian company Abarth & C. of Turin, Italy, in the … Read more “

5 - Abarth 2000 Sport SE

The Abarth 2000 Sport SE is one of the last remaining prototype sports cars from the illustrious Maranello Rosso Collection museum in San … Read more “

6 - Abarth 2000 Pininfarina Scorpione

This Abarth was designed by Pininfarina and exhibited at the Brussels Motor Show.

The car project was designed by Filippo Sapino. The concept began … Read more “

7 - Abarth Grande Punto Preview

The common features of these models are the strongly sporty look with a lowered finish, extended front and rear mudguards, darker and oversized … Read more “

8 - Abarth Grande Punto S 2000

Image Credits – Fiat

The public was able to admire the extraordinary Abarth Grande Punto S2000 at the 2007 Geneva Motor Show. It … Read more “

9 - Abarth 500 R3T


Abarth presented his latest racing jewel at the 51st Sanremo Rally. The Abarth 500 R3T lent its name to a promotional rally trophy … Read more “

10 - ABARTH 500C

Style: a sports convertible

The brand new Abarth 500C is the result of developments in both style and performance. This is not the first … Read more “

11 - Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari

The Abarth 695 Tributo Ferrari made its world debut in Frankfurt. This high-performance version of the Abarth 500 confirms the link between Abarth … Read more “

12 - Abarth Punto Evo

The EVOlution of competition-inspired technology

The 165 hp Multiair 1.4 turbo petrol engine is the result of a winning partnership between Fiat Powertrain … Read more “

13 - Abarth 500C esseesse

Abarth 500C esseesse

Reinforced by the success of the then recent conversion kits (one Abarth 500 out of three was converted with the official kit), Abarth … Read more “

14 - Abarth Punto Evo esseesse

Abarth Punto Evo esseesse

Bolstered by the success of the recent conversion kits (one Abarth 500 in three is converted using the official kit), Abarth has expanded … Read more “

15 - Abarth 695 Maserati Edition

Abarth 695 Maserati Edition

– The Abarth 695 Maserati Edition was exhibited in Brescia’s Piazza della Loggia along with the historic renaissance of “the most beautiful race … Read more “

16 - Abarth 695 Fuori Serie

Abarth 695 Fuori Serie

Abarth’s ‘fuoriserie’ concept represented the ultimate level of personalisation combined with the exclusivity of a car built and dedicated to each customer, satisfying … Read more “

17 - Abarth 595 50th Anniversary

Abarth 595 50th Anniversary

This commemorative Abarth will be manufactured in only 299 exclusive units.

While it may only look like the original 1963 595, with insect … Read more “

18 - Abarth 695 Biposto

Abarth 695 Biposto

‘695 biposto’: the most Abarth of all Abarths

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19 - Abarth 695 Biposto Gumball 3000

Abarth 695 Biposto Gumball 3000

Great success for the Abarth brand, which achieved an authentic leading role in the world of supercars by taking part in the sixteenth … Read more “

20 - Abarth 695 Edizione Maserati Record Grey

Abarth 695 Edizione Maserati Record Grey

A limited edition of only 49 cars with a special color “Record Grey” celebrated the creation of the Abarth brand that took place … Read more “

21 - Abarth 595 Yamaha Factory Racing Edition

Abarth 595 Yamaha Factory Racing Edition

The Abarth 595 Yamaha Factory Racing Edition reflects the partnership between the two manufacturers. It features the upgraded 1.4 liter turbocharged engine with … Read more “

22 - Abarth 124 Rally Tribute

Abarth 124 Rally Tribute

An authentic and adrenalin-laden ride. Abarth 124 Rally Tribute is a limited edition roadster.

There are only 124 copies that were inspired by the … Read more “

23 - Abarth 124 spider


The All New Abarth 124 spider sets a new benchmark. A curb weight of only 1,060 kg, with a weight-power ratio of just … Read more “

24 - Abarth 124 spider Turismo


In 1972, the Officine Abarth created the first Abarth 124. It has now given birth to the 124 Spider Abarth Turismo, an authentic … Read more “

25 - Abarth 124GT

Abarth 124GT

The Abarth 124GT is ready for the road, featuring the new carbon fibre hard top. A car with dual personalities, just as capable … Read more “

26 - Abarth 595 70th Anniversary


Abarth 595 is where it all begins, the starting point for those who want to enter into the world of Abarth. 1.4 Turbo … Read more “

27 - Abarth 595 Competizione 70th Anniversary

The Abarth 595 Competizione pushes performance to the limit. 180 HP of pure adrenaline with Garrett turbo, Abarth front and rear shock absorbers … Read more “

28 - Abarth 595 Esseesse

With the unmistakable sound of the exhaust Akrapovič, with its carbon filter silencers and inimitable sound, available for the first time in a … Read more “

29 - Abarth 595 Pista

The versatility of the 1.4 Turbo T-Jet, 4-cylinder engine allows your 595 Trofeo to achieve a maximum power of 160 HP and maximum … Read more “

30 - Abarth 595 Trofeo

The Abarth 595 Trofeo is another variation on the Abarth 500

250 for UK market only.

The versatility of the 1.4 … Read more “

31 - Abarth 595 turismo 70th Anniversary


Style: Granturismo 17’’ alloy wheels and black brake calipers, dual chromed steel exhaust tailpipes and satin chrome mirror covers. Performance: 1.4 Turbo T-Jet … Read more “

32 - Abarth 695 Rivale

Abarth 695 Rivale was born from the collaboration between Abarth and Riva. A special series that combines tradition and innovation of two legends … Read more “