FAB Design: The tuning of cars in Switzerland with the highest quality standards

FAB Design McLaren 650S Vayu GTR

The car is much more than just a means of transport: with clear design elements, it reflects the lifestyle of its owner. A high-quality sports car, for example, only exploits its full potential as a status object through an exclusive appearance. As a renowned car tuning specialist in Switzerland, FAB DESIGN offers vehicles from Mercedes-Benz, McLaren and other luxury brands a unique, first-class appearance as well as a unique driving experience. Since 1997 we have been refining bodies and interiors for our demanding international clientele.

Ni has to say that the car models manufactured by FAB DESIGN are finally tested by the TÜV and approved for road traffic.

Interior in perfect harmony with the exterior of the car.

For the bodywork they also design the individual vehicle interior, so that a perfect and unique overall image is created in exclusive optics. With professionally implemented leather, Alcantara, wood and carbon elements, we transform the car interior into a design wonder that radiates elegance and passion.

They process the interior according to the customer's personal wishes and adapt the colour and shape of the whole to the bodywork. That certain something is formed by artistic embroidery on the carpets of the floor or on the headrests of the seats.

Optimization of the adherence to the road thanks to the construction that favors the reduction of the aerodynamic load


With FAB DESIGN, you can expect an unprecedented sporty driving experience: the careful adjustment of components such as spoilers, rear wings and diffusers increases the contact pressure so that your car glides smoothly over the asphalt. Selecting the right alloy wheels reduces overall weight and provides additional grip in curves.

(from FAB Design) Image Credits - FAB Design

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