Given the long and successful history of automobile manufacturing, the transition from today’s modern high-tech vehicles to a mechanically driven car – as found in the early days of automobile design – would seem, from a technical point of view, a step backwards. And at first glance it may also appear to be challenging common sense. That was exactly the intention of the German businessman Roland Belz.

As an enthusiastic driver and driver he wants to contribute to emotional rather than purely technical progress, allowing more people who love truly special things to discover and enjoy the luxury of a slower pace of life. For this reason, Roland Belz, together with a team of dedicated personnel, has invested an enormous amount of passion and expense over 2 years in the development of a mechanical traction car: the original Aaglander. The company AAGLAND Manufaktur was created for that sole purpose. Its headquarters and production workshops are located in the former financial buildings of Schloss Kuhlenfels, in an idyllic location in the Franken region of Germany, between the three cities of Nurnberg, Bayreuth and Bamberg.

he Aagland is powered by a smooth-running diesel engine. The particularly robust engine of a world leading manufacturer has often proven itself in tough industrial applications.

The extreme diameter of the rear drive wheels of 110 cm was responsible for a special transmission design by limiting the maximum speed to less than 20 km/h.

With an overall reduction to 1:70 Aagland has a high torque, so that even steep inclines can be mastered easily.

The Aagland driver is only using the accelerator pedal. The stepless powertrain provides an extremely comfortable ride without having to give up it’s own unique driving behavior.

Special, as almost everything in the concept of Aagland, is also its address
There is a charming feature that separates the Aaglander from a classic car: it is not controlled by a classic steering wheel, but rigid straps, similar to leading a team of horses.

This steering system has been specially designed for the Aagland, where a hydraulically assisted rack and pinion steering produces a very special transmission gear for the safe operation of the Aaglander and creates a unique driving experience that allows for a particularly comfortable and relaxed steering.

Through this guide, the Aagland line can enjoy a sublime driving experience alongside unmistakable originality. Just like generations of proud team leaders did day after day during their travels through nostalgic Europe.

- Approximately 70.000 € - 900 cm³ Diesel
- -
- -
- - Chain drive, differential shuttle, forward, reverse and neutral.
- - 13 mph
- 2005 -
- Hydraulically assisted brake system with 4 disc brakes and independent parking brake acting on the rear wheels. - Hhydraulically assisted rack and pinion steering with a special transmission gear for comfortable guidance with rigid Aaglander lines.
- Steel wheels in the shape of wooden bevel spokes, solid rubber tyres, front diameter 80 cm, rear diameter 110 cm. - Battery capacity 12 V, 49 Ah, generator power 60 A, 840 W. Tank capacity: 38 l

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