BAC Mono

Introducing Mono, a lightweight, high-performance legal road supercar designed and built with the latest racing technology. Aimed at drivers looking for a purist driving experience and for whom design, engineering excellence and performance are of vital importance, Mono is an aggressive design and will set a new benchmark in the small but elite segment of radical and light sports cars.


The unique central seat provided the designers and project engineers with the definitive blank canvas on which to assemble their dream. The organic, closed front and exposed mechanical rear typify Mono’s unique appearance. The aesthetics of the design aims to combine sculpted, elegant and organic forms to provide an emotional and human connection that juxtaposes the technical and mechanical elements of the car.

Although this vision extends throughout the entire appearance of the Mono, it was fundamental to the designers who follow the function in all aspects of the car. The need to access the central driving position and adjustable dampers, as well as provide clean airflow to the radiators and engine, are just some of the factors on which the Mono’s architecture is built.


Above all, the Mono has been designed to optimise the driving position: in the centre, in the centre of the wheels and in the balance of the car.

Built with a high-strength carbon fiber composite around a steel safety cell. The cell is designed to offer maximum safety with a FIA-compliant steel structure, a sophisticated side impact structure and a carbon front safety box.

The Mono’s engine is a longitudinally mounted, 2.5 litre, 305 hp, four-cylinder power plant supplied by Mountune. Along with that engine is a 6-speed sequential gearbox with Hewland F-3 specifications.

The suspension is a fully adjustable pushrod suspension with damping elements manufactured by SACHS Racing. Equipped with 295mm ventilated discs, the AP Racing brakes provide braking power.

Tyre manufacturer Kumho has used its vast experience in sports and road cars to develop a special rubber compound for Mono, which is designed to work with the low weight and optimized suspension of the push bar.

Between its features:>

– Reaches 0 to 100 km/h in 2.8 seconds
– 0 to 100 mph 6.5 seconds
– Maximum speed 176 mph


– 2.5 liters, Four cylinders, longitudinally mounted and prepared by Mountune.
– HP @ RPM: 305@7700
– Torque @ RPM: 308@6000
– Maximum torque: 308Nm


– 6 speed sequential F3 specification manufactured by Hewland. Ready to complete gear changes in 35 milliseconds.
– Configurable for the type of track in which you want to run.


– Fully adjustable “Pushrod” suspension with cushioning elements manufactured by SACHS Racing.


– AP Racing, Formula Car caliper 4 pistons
– 295mm ventilated discs (option to ceramic carbo)


- 330.000 euros. - 2488 cc - 4 cylinders, in line
- Normally aspirated, structurally mounted. - 305 HP
- - 2.8 seconds
- 580 kg - 6 sequential speeds
- 525 HP per ton - 176 mph
- 2011 - 1836 mm x 3952 mm x 1110 mm
- 295 mm ventilated discs -
- 205/40 R17 front - 245/40 R17 rear - Quick lift plug Remote battery charging plug

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