Packard Twelve Convertible Coupe

Model 1607. 175 bhp, 473 cu. in. V-12, three-speed manual transmission, front coil, independent suspension and rear longitudinal leaf springs, four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. Wheelbase: 139″

One of the most desirable body and engine combinations available on a Packard: a 1938 Twelve Convertible Coupe.

Aside from having the desirable convertible coupe body with rumble seat, this Packard Twelve is equipped with a trunk rack, radio, heater, turn signals, Trippe lights and dual enclosed side-mounts with metal covers and mirrors.

In 1938, Packard offered the Twelve with 14 different body styles and constructed 566 in various configurations. Only a small fraction of those were convertible coupes, and they remain among the most sought-after of any twelve- or eight-cylinder Packards in existence.

The Packard Twelve Convertible Coupe – 1139 was put on sale at a price of $4,370. Sold For $165,000 RM | Auctions – ST. JOHN’S (FORMERLY MEADOW BROOK) 30 JULY 2011

Photo: brewbooks from near Seattle, USA [CC BY-SA 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

- $4,370 (1938) - 7,751 cm3. V-12
- Normal - 175 HP
- -
- 5,255 lbs - Three-speed manual transmission
- -
- 1938 - Wheelbase: 139"
- Four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes. -
- 8.25 x 16 -
- Independent suspension and rear longitudinal leaf springs

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