Packard Super Eight Touring Sedan

Packard’s Seventeenth Series models, introduced during September of 1939, returned along the Six, Eight, Super Eight, and Twelve model lines.

The Super Eight series, comprised of the 1703 and 1705 models, received the biggest changes for 1939. The number of available Super Eight body styles was reduced for 1939 from 15 to just six.

Four were on the 127-inch wheelbase length and two on the 148-inch wheelbase chassis. The 1703 body styles consisted of a club coupe, convertible coupe, touring sedan, and convertible sedan. The 1705 series was available as a Touring Limousine and a Touring Sedan. The custom models were no longer offered.

Power was from an L-head straight eight displacing 320 cubic-inches and offering 130 horsepower. Cylinder heads were now cast-iron for durability. The transmission was a three-speed selective synchromesh unit with column-mounted gearshift controls. Hydraulic brakes provided the stopping power. The compression and rear-axle ratios were updated for 1939.

Changes for 1939 included the column-mounted shifter, new taillights, and revised hood louvers. Options included a tachometer, overdrive, and a hill-holding device.

They offered in their Super Eight brochure the phrase, ‘For you who want a super car.’

For 1939, Packard produced 3,962 examples of the Super Eight. As always, they were built to the highest standards and were one of the finest American cars of the pre-war era.

by Daniel Vaughan (conceptcarz)
Photo: by Späth Chr. [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Packard 1939:

Model name

One Twenty
Super Eight


Six 245 c.i. 4.0L
Eight 282 c.i. 4.6L One Twenty
Super Eight 320 c.i. 5.2L
Twelve 473 c.i. 7.8L

Chassis number

1700 Six
1701 One-Twenty
1703 Super Eight
1705 Super Eight lwb
1707 Twelve
1708 Twelve lwb

Body number

12×1 station wagon (Six)
12×2 touring sedan
12×3 station wagon (One Twenty)
12×4 2-door touring sedan
12×5 club coupe
12×0 lwb limousine
12×1 lwb sedan
12×7 convertible sedan
12×8 business coupe
12×9 convertible

Twelve body number

1227 convertible Victoria
1232 formal sedan
1233 touring sedan
1234 touring sedan
1235 lwb sedan / limousine
1236 club sedan
1237 coupe
1238 coupe
1239 convertible
1253 convertible
12594 All Weather cabriolet by Rollston
12595 All Weather town car by Rollston

- $1,732 (1939) - 5,243 cm3 - 8 cylinders
- Normal - 130 hp @ 3200 rpm
- -
- 3.930 lbs - 3 Manual Selective synchromesh; column-mounted
- -
- 1939 - 5.12 meters in length - Wheelbase: 3.225 mm.
- Hydraulic - Front Size - 12 inches - Rear Size - 12 inches - Emergency: Internal expanding on rear wheels -
- 16 x 7.00 -
- Front: Independent coil springs - Rear: Leaf springs

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