Oakland All-American Six Landau Sedan

The all-new Oakland All-American Six had a new 212-cid L-head engine and a longer 117-in. wheelbase.

Seven body styles were offered. The general appearance of all models was enhanced by the use of lower, longer bodies, new fenders, longer hoods, and rear panel design revisions.

The radiator, lamp rims, and hood latches were chrome plated. A spare tire was now standard on all Oakland models. Also featured were a Fisher Vision & Ventilating windshield, a rearview mirror, a single stop and backing lamp, a dash gasoline gauge, sun visors (closed models only), a chrome radiator shell, chrome lamp rims, and chrome hood latches. The Sport Phaeton and Sport Roadster had a trunk rack.

Oakland Model 212 model year production (June 22, 1927, to June 25, 1928) totaled 60,121 cars.

ENGINES: L-head six-cylinder. Bore & stroke: 3-1/4 X 4-1/4 in. Displacement: 212 cid. Horsepower: 60 at 2800 rpm. Compression ratio: 4.9:1. Water-cooled.

TECHNICAL: General Motors Research (GMR) cylinder head incorporated a convex baffle over pistons to reduce detonation and permit a higher compression ratio; four bearing crankshaft forged with integral counterweight setup and torsional damper; side-engine block-mounted distributor; pioneering use of fuel pump and fuel filter (replaced vacuum tank system).

CHASSIS: Wheelbase: 117 in., 29 x 5.50 tires mounted on 19-in. wood-spoke artillery style wheels. Brakes: External, four-wheel brakes with 12-3/8 in. drums measuring 1-7/8 in. wide. Final gear ratio: 4.41:1.

OPTIONS: All 1928 Oaklands had frames drilled for the installation of optional Delco-Remy-Lovejoy shock absorbers. Sport Roadster: sidemount tire covers, six-wheel equipment and wire spoke wheels.

HISTORICAL: 1928 would be the final year that Oakland would experience increased sales.

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- 1.265 $ (1929) - Six-cylinder L-head - 3472 cm3.
- Natural - 60 HP
- -
- - 3 speed Manual
- -
- 1928 -
- Brakes: External, four-wheel brakes with 12-3/8 in. drums measuring 1-7/8 in. -
- -

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