Oakland Model 6-54B Sedan (1925)

Changes and improvements in the Oakland for 1925 included larger cylinder bores, a higher compression ratio, a new Stromberg carburetor, the use of balloon tires, and new styling features.

All closed-body cars had a new Fisher Vision & Ventilating … Read more “

Oakland Model 6-44 Touring (1923)

1923 Oakland Model 6-44 five-passenger touring. (AA)

OAKLAND — MODEL 6-44 — SIX — A new Sports Roadster was included in the 1923 Oakland lineup. It had many of the special features of last year’s Sports Touring car. Both sporty … Read more “

Oakland Model 34-C (1920)

The most obvious change in 1920 Oaklands was a three-inch linger wheelbase. Being larger, the new Oaklands weighed more and required some technical changes. These included revised steering knuckles and a new frame with an increased depth of section. … Read more “