Oakland V-8 Model 101 Custom Sedan

The 1930 Oakland 101 was the first eight that the company had built since 1917. It was based on a 117-in. wheelbase and sported lower, longer-looking Fisher bodies.

Standard equipment included front and rear bumpers and guards (at slightly higher prices), safety indicator lamps atop the front fenders, a vibrator horn mounted on the front fender tie bar, a cadet windshield visor, an automatic windshield wiper, a non-glare rearview mirror, an adjustable driver’s seat, natural finish Jaxon wood-spoke wheels, and Lovejoy hydraulic shock absorbers.

Oakland Model 101 model year production (December 1929 to October 1930) totaled 21,943 cars.

ENGINE: V-8. Bore & stroke: 3-7/16 x 3-3/8 in. Displacement: 251 cid. Horsepower: 85. Compression ratio: 5.0:1. Water-cooled.

TECHNICAL: Three main bearing engine crankshaft of 180 degree; single plane design; horizontally positioned valves operated directly by rocker arms working from a centrally located, chain driven camshaft; four-point engine mountings with rubber insulators at the rear and laminated springs at the front corners, plus a special synchronizer (one end of this device was attached to the frame while the other end passed into the block where it was actuated by revolutions of the camshaft); 9-5/8-in. single plate clutch; three-speed transmission.

CHASSIS: Wheelbase: 117 in., 28 x 5.50-in. tires. Brakes: Self-energizing internal four-wheel brakes. Final gear ratio: 4.42:1 (optional ratios of 3.9:1 and 5.2:1 were available).

OPTIONS: Six wire wheels and chrome-plated sidemount trim rings; front fenders with tire wells.

HISTORICAL: On Oct. 15, 1930, Irving J. Reuter moved from the presidency of Olds Motor Works to become general manager of Oakland Motor Div. Oakland car number 273501 was the first V-8 built by the automaker since 1917. Due to the stock market crash of October 1929, Oakland’s 1930 industry sales would drop by one-third compared to the previous year.

Image: wheelsage

- 1.045 $ (1930) - 4.111 cc (V8)
- Natural - 85 HP
- -
- 3210 Kg. - 3 speed Manual
- -
- 1930 -
- Self-energizing internal four-wheel brakes. -
- 28 x 5.50-in. tires. -
- Lovejoy hydraulic shock absorbers.

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