Oakland Model 6-44 Touring

1923 Oakland Model 6-44 five-passenger touring. (AA)

OAKLAND — MODEL 6-44 — SIX — A new Sports Roadster was included in the 1923 Oakland lineup. It had many of the special features of last year’s Sports Touring car. Both sporty models switched from standard wire wheels to standard disc wheels.

The former four-place coupe became a five-passenger model and curved brackets were added to either side of its ‘cadet’ sun visor. The dashboard on all 1923 models was changed to relocate the choke mechanism and to group all gauges into one circular-shaped housing.

Standard features included drum-type headlights; a choke control; a steering wheel-mounted, wire-operated spark and gas lever control box; a speedometer; an ammeter; an oil pressure gauge; hinged front seats for easier rear seat access; demountable wheel rims (Sports Touring and Sports Roadster both had solid disc rims); and a power tire pump.

Oakland Model 6-44 production in 1923 totaled 30,901 cars. The list of body styles included a Roadster, 5-passenger touring, sedan, and a coupe. Its price ranged from $995 for the Touring to $2610 for the Sports Roadster.


OHV six-cylinder. Bore & stroke: 2-13/16 x 4-3/4 in. Displacement: 2900 cc. Horsepower: 44 HP at 2600 rpm. Water-cooled.


Oil dip lubrication for clutch bearing; positive force-feed engine lubrication via a submerged gear pump and drilled crankshaft; and Oakland-Stewart vacuum fuel delivery system. Fuel tank: 47 liters

Image: Lars-Göran Lindgren Sweden [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

- from $995 for the Touring to $2610 for the Sports Roadster. - OHV six-cylinder. - 2900 cc
- Normal - 44 HP
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- 1923 -
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