Oakland Model 34-D Touring

The first 1922 Oaklands, appearing on the assembly line in August of 1921, were refined versions of the Model 34-C with better fit and finish and one all-new body type, the Sports Touring model. The latter car had a high radiator, low body lines, rich Maroon finish with black fenders, genuine Brown Spanish leather upholstery, a walnut instrument board, wire wheels and cord tires. Standard equipment on basic models included a speedometer, an ammeter, an oil pressure gauge, demountable wheel rims, and a power tire pump.

Oakland Model 34-D production in 1922 totaled 7,849 cars. The list of body styles included a Roadster, 5-passenger touring, sedan, and a coupe. Pricing ranged from $1,395 to $2,065. In total,


OHV six-cylinder. Bore & stroke: 2-13/16 x 4-3/4 in. Displacement: 2900 cc. Horsepower: 44 HP at 2600 rpm. Water-cooled.


Remy two-unit electrical system with thermostatic generator control (provided automatic adjustment of the charging rate for warm or coid weather); worm-and-nut design steering gear; cone-type clutch in unit with a three-speed selective sliding gear transmission; heating box induction system that utilized exhaust gases to preheat incoming mixture; positive force-feed engine lubrication via a submerged gear pump and drilled crankshaft; and an Oakland-Stewart vacuum fuel delivery system. Fuel tank: 47 liters.

Image: conceptcarz

- $1,395 - $2,065 (1922) - OHV six-cylinder. - 2900 cc
- Normal - 44 HP
- -
- - Three-speed selective sliding gear transmission
- -
- 1922 -
- -
- -

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