Oakland Model 34-C

The most obvious change in 1920 Oaklands was a three-inch linger wheelbase. Being larger, the new Oaklands weighed more and required some technical changes. These included revised steering knuckles and a new frame with an increased depth of section.

Regular equipment features included a windshield, an electric horn, an ammeter, a power tire pump, a speedometer, and demountable wheel rims. Open cars were finished with the body in Dark Brewster Green and Black running gear. Closed body styles were Blue with Black running gear.

Oakland production in 1920 is recorded as 35,356 cars.


OHV six-cylinder. Bore & stroke: 2-13/16 x 4-3/4 in. Displacement: 2.900 cc. Horsepower: 44 HP at 2600 rpm. Water-cooled.


Worm-and-nut design steering gear; cone-type clutch in unit with a three-speed selective sliding gear transmission; heating box induction system that utilized exhaust gases to preheat incoming mixture; positive force-feed engine lubrication via a gear-driven oil pump and drilled crankshaft; three-blade, bi-plane-type cooling fan; Oakland-Stewart vacuum fuel delivery system. Fuel tank: 47 liters.

- - OHV six-cylinder. - 2900 cc
- Normal - 44 HP
- -
- - 3 speeds
- -
- 1920 -
- -
- -

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