Packard Model 30 (UCS) Runabout (1910)

Packard Model 30 (UCS) Runabout (1910) 4-cylinder, 30-horsepower – 431.9 cu in, 108-inch wheelbase, special 2-person fully-collapsible cabriolet,

Changes for the Model 30 UC included replacement of the expanding ring clutch (which had been fitted for a half decade) with … Read more “

Packard Touring (1905)

In 1905 Packard introduced its Model N. This 4-cylinder engine could achieve 28 hp, six more than the previous year’s model L, and featured the distinctive radiator shape that became a Packard trademark for decades. This year, Packard expanded … Read more “

Packard Model Tonneau (1904)

The “Packard Model Tonneau” (1904) (a.k.a. “touring”) with 22 HP 4 cylinder engine of 242 c.i. capacity. It was the first Packard which got the famous “ox yoke” radiator outline. Gear box and differential were combined on the rear … Read more “

Packard Hawk – 58L-K9 (1958)

The Packard Hawk – 58L-K9 (1958) comes with a 275 bhp 4737 cm3 V-8 engine; RWD (rear-wheel drive) 3-speed Flite-O-Matic automatic transmission, equipped with power steering and four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes.

The Packard Hawk appeared in 1958 as a last-gasp … Read more “