Packard Six 433 Sedan Limousine (1927)

The Fourth Series six-cylinder Packard, now called simply “Six,” was introduced in August 1926. The engine benefited from a new “Turbo-Head” with redesigned combustion chambers that boosted horsepower to 81.

New aluminum pistons and a redesigned intake manifold contributed … Read more “

Packard Six Sedan (1925)

Responsible for lifting Packard out of the post–World War 1 depression, the ‘Six’ range was current between 1921 and 1928. Engineered to the same exacting standards as its larger brethren, the newcomer was based around a beautifully wrought ladder-frame … Read more “

Packard Model A (1899)

Five Model A Packards were built, with construction on all of them having begun by the end of 1899. All of these cars might be regarded as production prototypes as there were differences in each. The Packard H-gate shift … Read more “