K-1 Attack Street Version

The K-1 Attack is a mid-engined pocket-rocket with the rear wheel drive and 57:43 distribution. It can weight below 900 kg (the actual weigh depends on the engine type). Its body is a custom-made fibreglass monocoque: 4,04 m long, 1,86 m wide and 1,05 m tall. It has pop-up wing doors like the McLaren Senna or Lamborghini Countach. It also comes with the kevlar sport seats, double wishbone suspension in the front and rear, adjustable ground clearance and a variety of mountable engines: from Honda’s 2,0 F20 to Ford’s Duratec 3,0 V6.

The spectrum of engine power ranges between 130 and 800 hp and depends on your racing ambition. Because the drivetrains are provided by other manufacturers, the spares come comparatively cheap. For those, who worship security, the K-1 Attack has a tubular frame backbone. This means that even if you crash the wall of Nürburgring, your body should not suffer major damage. Unless you did not fasten the seatbelts.

The K-1 Attack makers are proud to underline everywhere that their roadster is entirely custom made. The idea behind its creation was to please the demanding owner with a sharp-cut design, perfect driving abilities and feel of entertaining engagement. Also, the car was supposed to come “cheap”. For this reason, the maker offers you a plethora of ordering options.

The most “common” of these options is the K-1 Attack as a kit. This means that after you transfer the money, a huge box of car parts will arrive by your door. And you will need to assemble the roadster yourself. This may sound burdensome, but the kit was designed for a simple installation. No cutting, no welding, no hammering. If you read and follow the instructions carefully, the K-1 Attack will be ready within two or three weeks. You will need to use only basic mechanics’ tools – including the 10 mm socket – for success.

The kit prices start from $9,900. However, in this case, the box will contain very few car parts. The bare shell (chassis), actually. I advice you to invest a bit more and cross the $20,000 point. For this money you will get almost the whole car, from the front lip to rear spoiler. The only thing remaining would be to buy the drivetrain, which can come as cheap as $500 (if you opt for Honda’s parts).

Surely, you can have the K-1 Attack as a turn-key roadster assembled by the maker. But this will cost you more money. Not to speak that assembling the car yourself will make you feel more related to it. The car will embrace your sweat, tears, blood and dreams. Assembling K-1 Attack also may turn out to be a good business! You order the kit for $20,000, spend two or three weeks in a garage and sell it as the turn-key car for $60,000.

Personally, I think that the K-1 Attack is a proper car for the demanding petrolheads who have no money for Ferrari or Catherham. Even for the used. And who like racing their cars, not keeping them in a fabric in the garage. Finally, the K-1 Attack may become a proper first car!

Looking deeper into the topic, I found on one of the US forums that the owners complained on the K-1 Attack consumer support in 2010s. Assembling instructions came in all languages, but not in English. The maker did not respond on the E-mails in time. To check whether this is true, as well as to get some extra details, I decided to write Petr Beneš, Production Department boss (CEO?) at the B-racing company by myself. The response was immediate. It also came in a proper English. After a couple of mails, Petr agreed for a short interview.

K-1 Attack Street Version



Engine: 3S-GTE, Toyota
Power: 560 hp / 1000 kg
Transmission: 5 speed, manual

The best time to ¼ mile: 10,916 sec
(road homologated tires at a classic airport without track adjustment).

Description: Maximal weight reduction of main tubular frame, rotating parts, bodykit. Aerodynamics adjustment to minimize air resistance.



Engine: K20A2 with compressor, Honda
Power: 408 hp / 1000 kg
Transmission: 6 speed, DogGear kit without synchros, sequential robotic shifting

Description: Safety tubular frame, fully adjustable suspension, lightweight bodykit panels, aerodynamic adjustment for a complete circuit function, fully adjustable axles.


Engine: 3S-GTE, Toyota
Power: 350 hp / 1000 kg
Transmission: 5 speed, LSD, manual

Description: Programmable control unit Link G3, HKS blow off valve, Turbo stage 3, pistons for higher compression, Radtec chargecooler, front brakes 330/32 6 piston, height adjustable suspension.


Engine: F22, Honda
Power: 190 hp / 1000 kg
Transmission: 5 speed, manual

Description: Short sports gearbox (fixed gear 5.15), height adjustable suspension.


Engine: 3.0 V6, Ford
Power: 244 hp / 1000 kg
Transmission: 5 speed, manual

Description: Bought as a factory-built car from K-1 Engineering.

Image: http://www.k1-attack.com

- From 9.900 dollars the basic kit. - Engine mounted: In the middle
- - From 130 to 800 hp
- -
- 1870 lbs - Gearbox: 5 or 6 speed manual
- -
- 2018 - 4040 mm x 1860 mm x 1055 mm
- -
- -
- Rear suspension: Double wishbone (McPherson on Toyota model) - Front suspension: Double wishbone K-1 Attack

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