Oakland 32-B Touring

For 1916 Oakland offered a Light Four called the Model 38 that was much like the previous Model 37 and an all-new Light Six Model 32. Late in the fall of 1915, the company also introduced the Model 50 as a 1916 model. This huge, powerful and expensive offering came only as a big seven-passenger touring car with dual-cowl styling.

Standard Oakland equipment included a single-wire electrical system operated at six volts and a one-man folding top. The Model 38 featured a ventilating windshield, an ammeter, and a Stewart speedometer. The Model 50 added two folding auxiliary seats.

In that year (1916), 25,675 vehicles were manufactured.

The 32-B Touring is a rear wheel drive tourer car with a front located engine, produced by Oakland. Its 2.9 litre engine is a naturally aspirated, overhead valve, 6 cylinder unit that produces 36 bhp (36.5 PS/26.8 kW) of power. The engine transfers its power through to the wheels via a 3 speed manual gearbox. Water-cooled. Its price in 1916 was $795 at the factory.

Image: oaklandpontiacworldwide

- - 2.9 litres - 6 cylinders in line
- Normal - 36 HP
- -
- - 3 speed manual gearbox.
- -
- 1916 -
- -
- -

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