n2a Motors Anteros - Front And Side

The Anteros features a body reminiscent of iconic Italian designs.

Handcrafted one at a time. Built to give you one of a kind.

Master automotive engineer Gene Langmesser spent decades designing vehicles for leading European automakers such as Mercedes Benz and Porsche. That experience shines through in the classic elegance of the European-inspired Anteros.

Custom-Built to Your Exact Specifications

Each Anteros takes approximately 12 weeks to build from the time of order. n2a Motors starts by removing the donor Corvette’s body panels and installing the new carbon composite Anteros body, a process that takes nearly 800 hours for n2a’s coachbuilding craftsmen to complete.

You choose the color and trim options you want. The interior features leather seats, leather dash, Italian carpeting, and leather-wrapped interior panels. You even choose the wheel and exhaust designs you want.


Engineered to Exceed Expectations

Anteros provides exceptional driving pleasure, with a range of performance options capable of ripping past everyone else on the freeway, coupled with a ride comfortable enough for daily commuting.

Performance Options

– Stage 3 Kit LS3 480 HP to 520HP @ rear wheel
– Stage 4 Kit LS3 500 HP to 550HP @ rear wheel
– Procharger Kit LS3 600 HP plus @ rear wheel
– Super Charger Kit LS3 600 HP plus @ rear wheel
– Twin Turbo Kit LS3 600 HP plus @ rear wheel


Credits: n2amotors

- $139,500 - V8 - 7011 cm3
- Normal - 506 HP - 6300 rpm
- - 3.9 s
- 2910 lb - M6
- - 199 mph
- 2009 - 4460 mm x 1895 mm x 1247 mm
- -
- -

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